Carmen and I after giving her vampire puncture wounds during the Pawsapalooza event.

Carmen and I after giving her vampire puncture wounds during the Pawsapalooza event.


Pawsapalooza Event

Friday March 30th (yesterday for me as I type this) turned out to be incredibly hectic. Early Thursday evening I received a phone call from one of my very best friends. His car lay in crumpled pieces along side a country road in sourthen York county. Luckily, he managed to come out of an accident involving his little car and a very big pickup truck and trailer. This would totally change my schedule for getting my artwork and makeup supplies ready for Friday night’s event, Pawsapalooza. But for real, I almost lost one of the closest people to me. Don’t want to go there anymore.

 Friends are born, not made. ~ Henry B. Adams

He had hit his head against the window of his car, shattering it to pieces upon impact. With this in mind and my First Aid certification staring me in the face, I wanted to keep watch of him in the event that he was cuncussed. Thankfully he wasn’t.

Back to yesterday, I drove my friend down to where his car was pushed off the road and looked at the tire marks from the truck. That driver definitely should have been cited for being at fault. Fucker. From that point on, it was run, run, run with multiple errands. I didn’t manage to get home until after 3PM, 4 and a half hours before my scheduled arrival at the event for setup. I scrambled. Managed to get all of my shit together and ended up with some extra time. I met up with another friend to set up the raffle prizes and get my table ready for makeups.

Makeups weren’t as much as I had hoped, but I was able to do 3 basic makeups (a rose, whiskers & nose, and a vampire bite). I was donating all of my proceeds to the no kill shelter being used for the benefit. My makeup sales weren’t enough. I sold kisses for $1 each on a cheek (face, not asscheek. yuck).

All in all, I felt the benefit was very successful. Hats off to the Hostess, a fellow Lauren. Today is a day for clean up and laziness. I have an appointment on Monday at noon with a prospective new client. Very stoked about this opportunity.

Until next time..

~ L ~


My new Website, and Introducing myself to Blogging.

I have no idea how to do all of this. And yet, I seem to be managing. Managing a whole lot. A new website, my own logo designs and catch phrases, all of the artwork, all of the social networking… It makes me think of a Dave Brockie Experience song. “Too Much Stuff” Very true as I look around my surrounding with three tons of shit hanging on the walls, and scattered about. Clutter?! Never heard of it.

So, here is a link to the new website. Thankfully the hosting site provided that Weebly thing. Drag and drop, baby. Pretty easy (kinda). I started blogs on there as well. I’ll see if I can figure out how to link the two. I wish I could link everything all together. Twitter, Facebook, tumblr, YouTube, Reverb.. Thank Satan nobody uses MySpace anymore.

Today’s adventures consist of lunch with a friend, skipping a show tonight, and molding pretty much all day. What am I molding? A human heart. I had sculpted it awhile ago with a stake going through it. Well that didn’t really tickle my fancy. I removed the stake, and basically resculpted the entire thing. I have a little more detailing to do today, and then it’s time for cement. I really, really loathe molding. I wish I had a Mold Master or something. Oh well, keeping it DIY in the world of RaezorFX.

I should get back to work now. Thanks for reading!

~ L ~


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